Q: Is the run basically entirely on the beach, or is some of it on roads?
A: The entire race is 31 miles long.  Roughly 1.6 miles road and 39.4 miles on the sand.

Q: How many restrooms do you have throughout the course?  Are porta johns at each aid station?
A: There are 3 bathrooms opportunities.  Bathroom access is at the Start, Mile 11.4 (also crew access
point), and finish.  We are not allowed to place porto-johns on the beach.  

Q: I don't live close to the beach, how do I train?
A: The first 12 to 14 miles is hard packed sand.  This is very easy to run on and doesn't require any
special training considerations.  The last half of the course is softer sand.  Unfortunately, there is no
good way to mimic these conditions unless you are on sand... but don't worry!  There are plenty of
ways to train and prepare for the race.  First, don't stress to much about running in sand.  Just
training / running is 90% of the battle.  You'll do fine at OBX Ultra if you keep a good training
regiment.  Incorporate some trail and off road runs to help build some stabilizer muscles.  The soft
sand will give while you try to push off.  You'll find this will wear you out faster.  Your calf muscles
and hip flexors might burn more than normal so consider doing some endurance work on these
muscle groups.

Q: What are the finisher awards?
A: Runners that finish under  8 hours receive a hand drawn light house drawing, matted and ready to
frame. Each are individually numbered.  These are all done by local artists.  The top three overall
winners receive a locally hand carved duck decoy.  We also have T shirts and promotional items from
the local communities.  All finishers also receive beer coupons for the awards ceremony.